Hydrocarbon Analyzers for  Aerosol Can Micro Leak Detectors by Bautz Engineering.
 Aerosol Can leak Analysyzers, 27 Different Heated FID Emissions Analyzers, Monitors
and Process Hydrocarbon Analyzers

J.U.M. Engineering

is an independent privately owned developer and manufacturer of FID based hydrocarbon analyzers since 1973. J.U.M. is well  known in the industry for their complete line of FID based high speed aerosol can leak detector analyzers. Our major activities are the continued design and manufacture of heated FID-based total hydrocarbon analyzers and non methane hydrocarbon gas analyzers for environmental, stack testing, industrial, OEM, automotive and medical applications. Based in Karlsfeld, Germany we work with independent distributors in 36 countries. Many if our international distributors operate authorized factory trained service facilities Personal attention to our clients,their applications, detector and monitoring requirements are most important for us to support the needs of our clients.

We Offer

  • A complete line of automatic high speed Leak Detectors for Filled Aerosol Cans by Bautz Engineering for the pharmaceutical, technical gasses and toiletry industry to test  filled aerosol cans for micro leaks at speeds ranging from 0-80, 0-120 and 0-250, up to 500 cans per minute. These machine s are built in a joint manufacturing venture with Bautz Engineering since over 26 years. They are in full compliance with all currently existing European and UN rules and regulations

  • A complete line of Heated Total Hydrocarbon Analyzers using the Flame Ionization Detector (FID) technology in an array of different configurations from a light weight portable stack gas emissions monitor to most rugged table top, rack mount and wall mount systems

  • A good selection of Heated Non Methane Hydrocarbon analyzers, ranging from dual detector continuous and simultaneous measuring rack mount FID analyzers to transportable and rack mount switching methane only/ THC FID analyzers

  • Specialty heated FID analyzers for low trace ultra pure gas applications like CO2, N2, Argon, Helium, Oxygen, Synthetic Air and other pure gasses

  • Specialty heated FID analyzers for low flow and very low flow climate chamber applications

  • Specialty heated FID analyzers for low trace ultra pure gas applications to measure the total hydrocarbon concentration in hydrogen.

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