Gases and Fuel gas Supply

Hydrogen FID-Fuel Supply

The HB-SC-50 liter Hydrogen Fuel Cartridge is designed to be used as a standard storage for our portable FID based instrument and to act as a back up hydrogen source at room temperature. This hydrogen storage system is based on the latest achievements in solid metal hydride technology of AB5-type alloys as well as on unique techniques of alloy loading. It allows to store and release the gas at ambient temperature and at designed pressure range from 1.0 up to 10.0 ATM with very high stability of gas flow: 95% of the stored gas can be released with designed maximum flow rate at constant temperature.

At present, this type of storage is considered as the safest one available: even gunshot tests with full hydrogen charged tank does not result in any combustible reaction, which clearly demonstrates the safety level of our product. Unlike high-pressure hydrogen storages, in our storage hydrogen is bonded with the alloy chemically. It will take hours, before the system will fully release it if there is gas leakage cased by system damage. The system is able to pass thousands charge/discharge cycles without any essential changes in working technical characteristics, while exploited properly.

HB-SC-50 liter system is capable also to provide high purity hydrogen (over 99.9999%) while for charging only 99.99% purity hydrogen is required. It makes HB-SC-50 cartridge an ideal pure hydrogen source for ALL of our FID based hydrocarbon analyzers.

The HB-SC-50 cartridges are a standard feature in our OVF-3000 analyzer. For our 3-200, 3-800 and 3-900 analyzers, the HB-SC-50 is a clip on option. All our other analyzers can of course also be operated with the HB-SC-50 or with a bundle of 6 cartridges for increased up time.

Technical Specification HB-SC-50 liter Hydrogen Fuel Cartridge

  • Hydrogen Storage Capacity 50 Liter
  • Raw Hydrogen Purity 99.99 %
  • Hydrogen Charge Pressure 2.0 - 3.0 ( 25°C ) MPa
  • Charge Environmental Temperature 0 - 35 ( we recommend = 25°C )
  • Hydrogen Discharge Pressure > 0.1, ? 0.7 ( 25°C ) MPa
  • Hydrogen Discharge Purity ? 99.9999 %
  • Hydrogen Discharge Flow Rate 90.2 ( 25°C ) L/min
  • Environmental Temperature 5 - 60 °C
  • Heat Exchange Method Air Convection / Water bath
  • Valve Type SS-QC4-B-400IS Swagelok quick connector
  • (with 1/4 inch or 1/8 inchj tube fitting)
  • Canister Dimension 32 mm dia /200 mm long
  • Total Weight < 650 g


Question: Is your storage a high pressure cylinder?

Answer: Actually no - our storages are charged at pressures 10-35 bar, but they are operating at pressures below 10 bar. However the bodies of our tanks can stand pressure over 100 bar.

Q: Is your tank a gas storage?

A: No, in our storage hydrogen is stored in the form of solid metallic hydride.

Q: How do I know when I used up hydrogen and need to recharge it?

A: If the pressure in the storage dropped below 1.5 bar (at room temperature) you need to recharge it.

Q: Shall I add pressure gauge on your storage?

A: No, except you need to record pressure in your experiments.

Q: Can your storage store other gases?

A: No, our cylinder is storing only hydrogen.

Q: What will happen if your storage is charged with other gases?

A: It will work just as a high pressure tank. However, if the stored gas (CO, oxygen, etc.) can react with the storage alloy, the storage will lose its original function.

Q: Is a regulator required while using H Bank hydrogen storage system?

A: Since the pressure in our storage remains almost constant until 95% of the gas is used, no regulator is needed.

Q: How long does it take to charge the H Bank System?

A: Recharging is simple and fast for our systems. For example, it only takes about 30 minutes to charge a 50 liters canister at ambient air or just 10-15 minutes if room temperature water bath is used.

Q: How long is the life span of the H Bank system?

A: If charged with 99.99% or higher purity hydrogen, the charge/discharge recycling life of our system can be over 3000 cycles with less than 10% decay in storage capacity. In fact, if you recharge our storage every day you can use it for more than 8 years.

The bodies of our tank canisters are made from high-grade low carbon SS361L stainless steel or SS321 stainless steel, which ensures the system's necessary strength as well as prevents it from oxidation related negative effects. System's complete stainless steel construction allows increasing designed maximum gas flow rate while using hot water bath.

50-Liter Low Pressure Cartridge lasts for approximately 45-50 Hours continuous FID operation
50-Liter Hydrogen Cartridge mounted in the cover of our OVF-3000 FID analyzer

50-Liter Hydrogen Cartridge mounted on our 3-800 FID analyzer. This option is also available for our 3-200 and 3-900 analyzers