Please contact us for  aerosol can micro leak detectors by Bautz Engineering and
over 20 different Heated FID hydrocarbon emissions analyzers, monitors
and process hydrocarbon analyzers

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J.U.M. Engineering GmbH
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Karlsfeld, Germany , 85757
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J.U.M. Engineering is the exclusive manufacturer of all fast responding propellant gas leak analyzers as they are used in Bautz Engineering aerosol can leak detectors. As such we ask for first choice for all technically related information regarding our proprietary propellant gas fast sensing technology. If you wish, please feel free at any time to contact Bautz Engineering in stead. Every contact from this web page will be forwarded instantly to Bautz Engineering

Bautz Engineering G.m.b.H.

Simmerner Str. 8

55442 Stromberg, Germany

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