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New Automatic Leak Tester for Filled Aerosol Cans installed and started up in the 2nd week of this November 2011at a filling line of a German manufacturer and filler of technical products. Our model AeroFid-100 machine used as a water bath alternative right after the check weigher. This installation is in full compliance with all current UN and EU regulations. This new installation leads to significant gains in production efficiency and improves the health and safety sector and leads to an improved risk management in the transportation of aerosols. The use of our leak detector eliminates the immense cost of operating and maintaining a water bath.

October 18th through 22nd this year's Western China International Fair took place in Chengdu. With many highly interested visitors seeing us in our booth as part of the Bavarian Pavilion, the WCIF was a very successful event for us. We displayed a small Total VOC CEM using our model 109L analyzer. We also showed one new and two recently redesigned hydrocarbon analyzers; The new model 603 heated FID, the OVF3000 portable light weight heated FID and our 3-900 portable heated FID to alternately measure Total Hydrocarbons and Methane only. The presentation of Bautz Engineering's AeroFid-100 automatic micro leak detector for filled aerosol cans also gained much interest.

This year's annual AWMA exhibition was held from June 21st through June 23rd in Orlando Florida. The show has been a nice success. We could demonstrate the features of our newly designed digital 603 heated total hydrocarbon FID analyzer. The ?603? features a large touch screen display which allows to access all analyzer functions without time consuming dialog. The sampling and analytical circuits are fully compatible with our other 3-series heated FID's.

We also had the chance to present Bautz Engineering's new line of automatic AeroFid° inline high speed Leak Detectors for filled aerosol cans to interested visitors. The leak testing speed of our 3 models ranges from 0 to 80 cans per minute up to 0 to 250 cans per minute, all performing by using only one high speed FID Sensor for testing.

During the last week in May 2011, 3 new model AeroFid-60 automatic leak testers for filled aerosol cans by Bautz Engineering were installed and started up successfully at the production site of a Spanish aerosol product filling company. This marks the first ever installations of a compliant aerosol can water bath testing alternative in Spain.
During the first week of March 2011, another AeroFid-60 aerosol can leak tester by Bautz Engineering was successfully installed and started up at the site of a UK aerosol filling company.

This 23rd February 2011, we proudly celebrate the 27th anniversary of our fruitful joint relationship with Bautz Engineering for the development,manufacture, installation and start-up t of our first two high speed leak detectors for filled aerosol cans. At that time, they tested 120 plus cans per minute. Both machines operate after a hot water bath each. Today, they are still in full 2-shift operation to accurately test up to 200 cans per minute in full compliance with today's regulations. The completion of our 25th leak detector installation was performed just a couple of weeks ago.

Over the past 25 years, many changes could have been seen in the aerosol filling industry. Only about 2 years ago the hot water bath immersion test was still the industry standard, while a hand full of future oriented aerosol fillers decided to install leak testers in addition to their water baths. Leak testing at high speeds was very difficult, in many cases it even was impossible.

However, 27 years ago we already installed our first two high speed micro leak detectors as so called "Over the Conveyor" machines. Over the decades, our leak detectors have been continuously redesigned and enhanced into today's state of the art family of AeroFid high speed leak testing solutions. Three different performance models exist to leak test from 80 cans per minute up to 250/500 cans per minute.

The most outstanding feature of our machines are the long term stability and safe contamination free operation. Fast and simple calibration to cover all hydrocarbon and HFA based propellants and best base line stability of our machines are key advantages over catalytic, optical or laser spectrometric sensing systems.

In December 2010, Bautz Engineering has entered the process of renaming and registering all of their AeroCan leak detectors for aerosol cans into the AeroFid name. Despite their continued efforts for machine improvements and updates, the time proven machine design has strictly been kept.
During the POLEKO 2010 in late November in Poznan, besides the demonstration of our newest THC and NMHC analyzers, the AeroFid-100 micro leak detector was presented to interested visitors from the toiletry

In Early November 2010, the 15th and 16th aerosol can leak detector was sold and installed in the UK. Our recent installations make the AeroFid the most widely used micro leak detector to be applied for the hot water bath alternative throughout the aerosol industry
In September 2010, the Aerosol Congress in Rome was a great success. We had our AeroFid-200 leak tester on display an had the chance to demonstrate the performance at full speed. Our visitors were impressed of the accuracy and speed.

Burgoynes Report verifies leak detector compliance

The 2008 Verification Report describes how the AeroCan Leak Detector complies to the British Aerosol Manufacturers (BAMA) standard, including its safety and zoning requirements. It also details how the leak detector complies to the requirements of ADR 2007 for use as part of the water bath alternative.

First in the UK: AeroFid 200 Leak Detector installed at LMA Services.

This Bautz Engineering Aerosol Can Leak Detector which exclusively uses the model 22B leak analyzer by J.U.M. Engineering, is capable of testing up to 250 cans per minute, has been verified to comply to the requirements of ADR 2007 for use as part of the water bath alternative by Bourgoynes on Friday the 12th September, 2008.

Exhibitions and Trade Shows 2011

5th to 7th May 2011:  EPTEE Shanghai
, we will present JUM THC and NMHC analyzers and an aerosol can leak detector

21st to 25th June 2011:  AWMA Orlando Fl USA,
we will present JUM THC and NMHC analyzers and an aerosol can leak detector

18th to 22nd October 2011: 
Western China International Fair Chengdu, Sichuan, we will present JUM THC and NMHC analyzers and an aerosol can leak detector

23th to 26th November 2011:  POLEKO Poznan Poland,
we will present JUM THC and NMHC analyzers and an aerosol can leak detector

Training Courses 2011

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